Feast of Sts. Cosman and Damien

Readings: Eccl. 11:9-12:8 | Ps. 90:3-6, 12-14, 17 | Lk. 9:43b-45

Ecclesiastes is reminding us to act as we should and remember that God is the one who rewards us. Jesus tries once again to tell His disciples that He will have to undergo the Passion. But the disciples are too young to understand what Jesus is trying to teach them. The disciples are following Christ because He is teaching them about God. He does so with great inner power and passion and convinces them that He is the Savior. The difficulty for the disciples is that they have the concept of the Savior as one who will come with great physical power and will overcome the might and power of the Roman leaders. Because this is their vision, they are unable to see the fullness of what Jesus is trying to teach them about God. We are the same today. We have one vision of how things should be; and, God is always trying to break through that vision and teach us new things about who God is.

Take time today to be with God in quiet. Ask God for the grace to have God’s vision of life and what is important. Be open, don’t let your own desires get in the way. Be ready to be surprised.

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