Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings: Ez. 18:25-28 | Ps. 25:4-9 | Phil. 2:1-11 | Mt. 21:28-32

Today we hear about sincerity and integrity of heart. Words mean very little if they are not backed by deeds. Jesus tells us that those who hear God’s words and act on them will enjoy eternal life. People may say they believe, but their actions are the proof of their belief. Paul gives us some concrete actions to show that we have heard God’s Word and desire to live by that Word. Paul tells us to be united in love, do things humbly, and regard others as more important than ourselves. Paul reminds us that Jesus considered Himself as less than God, emptied Himself, and died for us. We may never be called upon to die literally for others, but we are asked to do things which may require some sacrifice for others. Following in the footsteps of Christ, relying on Him for all we need, we will receive all the graces necessary to make those sacrifices.

Pause to reflect on the people in your life. Who are the people who need your love and compassion today? How will you attend to them?

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