Feast of Sts. Wenceslaus, Lawrence Ruiz and Companions

Zec. 8:20-23 |  Ps. 87:1-7 | Lk. 9:51-56

Zechariah is talking to the Jewish people about the coming of the Messiah and as the Messiah will be a Jew then people of other Nations will join up with the Jewish people and will worship God with one another. There is a sense of wonder and great joy for the Jewish people. Jesus realizes that the time has come for him to prepare his disciples for his departure. They do not quite get it at this point. Jesus is resolute and tells them that he is going to go to Jerusalem. To get there they will pass through the Samaritan town. Because of many events that have taken place the Jews are not welcome to go through this town. Thus, they suggest that they might pray and ask God to rain down fire to destroy the city. Jesus is disturbed by this and realizes he has much more to teach them.

Do you have anyone or group for whom you are holding grudges? Jesus invites us to forgive and to be compassionate towards those we do not like or who antagonize us.

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