Feast of Sts. Wenceslaus and Lawrence Ruiz

Job 9:1-12, 14-16 | Ps. 88:10-15 | Lk. 9:57-62

Job is responding to the taunts of some so called ‘friends.’  He responds with complete trust in God.  He is aware that he is a creature who has nothing in comparison to the greatness of God.  Knowing this, Job will not test God.  The Gospel relates the story of various people who tell Jesus that they want to follow Him.  Jesus tells it as it is.  He has nowhere to lay His head.   Jesus completely trusts God to direct Him.  He claims nothing and no one as His own.  When people respond to Jesus with reasons for not being able to follow Him, Jesus reminds them that those who place more importance on others or on things will not be considered followers.  We are called to realize that nothing and no one can have more importance in our lives than God.  We are not asked to forget our families and duties; rather, we are asked to put them in their proper place.

Do you cling to your relationships?  Are there any possessions of yours that come in between your relationship to God?  Consider your priorities.  Is God asking you to re-order them?  Take time to reflect on your priorities.  Ask God for the grace to put them in right relationship to God.  Check on your re-ordering each day and give all to God. 

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