Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Wis. 9:13-18 | Ps. 90:3-6, 12-17 | Philemon 9-10, 12-17 | Lk.14:25-33

Wisdom is a great virtue which we receive at Confirmation.  It is wisdom that helps us decide what is the right thing to do at a given time.  This is what the readings teach us today.  In particular, Jesus gives us some very practical advice for life, both for this life and for eternal life.  One cannot become a disciple of Christ if one is not willing to place God first and to accept the Cross given us.  Good worldly advice tells us to be prepared for building, establishing a business and conducting day to day negotiations.  Likewise, if we want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we must be prepared to take up whatever costs come our way.  We must decide what is worth the cost.  Wisdom teaches us the way.

Take time to consider what it means to follow Christ.  Are you prepared?  If not, what do you need?  Ask Christ for the gift of wisdom to enable you to do what you need to do.

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