Monday of the Twenty Third Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: 1Cor. 5:1-8 | Ps. 5:5-6, 7, 12 | Lk. 6:6-11

Jesus is being watched carefully by the Pharisees. They are out to get him no matter what. Jesus came to bring life and restore that life. Yet there were those who were offended because he did things in ways that were not “lawful.” These people were offended also because Jesus grew in popularity and they did not. Perhaps this was the greater motive. Jesus is aware of what they are doing yet he does not let that stop him from doing the good deed. He heals the man’s hand. Can you imagine what it must have been like to have your hand healed and in front of all those people? Can you see what joy must have filled the man? Just think of what you would feel like if something similar happened to you. I can think of no other response but deep joy. How do you think the Pharisees could be so bothered? Wouldn’t you think they too would be happy? Why aren’t they? Perhaps it is because they are so caught up in their own agenda that they can not have compassion for someone else.

Are you surprised by the reaction of the Pharisees? Do you find that you are sometimes too busy about your work or plans that you miss people around you? Or that you don’t even know them? Take time to look at how busy you are and what is important to you. Ask for the grace to see those around you and to be compassionate as Jesus was.

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