Wednesday of the Twenty Third Week in Ordinary Time

1Cor. 7:25-31 | Ps. 45:11-12, 14-17 | Lk. 6:20-26

Jesus continues to be with the people who joined him after He came down from the mountain.  He is teaching them the Beatitudes.  Luke has a shortened form.  According to today’s standards, one would certainly not consider oneself blessed to be poor, hungry, hated, excluded from the group, or defamed.  Yet, this is what Jesus calls blessed.  I am sure that most of us do not actively seek this type of action.  I am also sure that if one did, that person would be considered ready for some treatment from a psychiatrist!  So what could Jesus mean by these statements?  Jesus is trying to tell us that those who do have to endure this treatment should know that God will come to their aid; and, God will reward them with great joy and consolation in Heaven.  Of course, God does expect those who have power and many goods to come to the aid of the suffering.  God expects that we be the hands, ears, feet, etc., that will lift the poor and lonely up and relieve their misery.

Consider your present life.  How comfortable is it?  Would you be able to help someone who is suffering?  Are there any sick, poor, lonely, etc., in your home, parish, county, city, etc.? How can you help them today?  How grateful are you for your gifts?  How do you deal with unkindness, etc.?

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