The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Readings: Mi. 5:1-4a | Ps. 13: 6a-c | Mt. 1:1-6, 18-23

Today, the Church celebrates the birth of Mary. The readings are those which tell about the Savior’s birth. Micah predicts that the Savior will be born in Bethlehem. Matthew traces the genealogy of Jesus from Abraham to David. Then, we hear the story of Joseph’s revelation that Mary conceived her child through the power of the Holy Spirit. Joseph is told by the angel to take Mary into her home. Truly, these readings teach us the place that Mary held in the eyes of God. God’s love for the people is so great that He plans the birth of Jesus right to the minutest detail and assures that the Mother of Jesus is protected through the help of Joseph. There is much mystery and deep love in today’s readings. The mystery is a mystery of God’s deep love for us. How blessed is each of us!

Today, think about the life of Mary. Consider what great love she had that she responded “yes” to God’s request of her despite all the difficulties she would encounter. Ask Mary for the grace of courage to say “yes” to God in living each moment well. Be with Mary when she is asked to be the Mother of God. Rejoice in Mary’s fidelity. Ask for that fidelity for yourself.

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