Feast of St. Peter Claver

1Cor 9:16-19, 22b-27 | Ps. 84:3-6, 12 | Lk. 6:39-42

Paul encourages us to live the life of the Gospel and the Christian to the full.  He reminds us that athletes know how to train to win a race.  We have been given all we need to run the race for the kingdom.  Jesus continues to teach us what that means.  We are to consider the way we live the Gospel and then others will follow in this path.  We are not called to criticize others and forget we have our own faults.  Love is again the modus operandi.  If we remember that all of us are made in God’s image, then we will go out to others to work on their behalf.

Run the race for God today.  How can you be thoughtful and caring?  To whom might you give God’s overwhelming love today?  Know that God will not be outdone in generosity.

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