Stewardship is a way of life

Stewardship as a way of life requires us to put Jesus Christ first in our lives and to live every aspect for the glory of Him. We are stewards, not out of obligation but out of gratitude and joy for all that God has done for us. Stewardship in action is caring for and sharing the gifts God has given us … our Time, Talent and Treasure. It is only in giving of our entire self that we come to realize the graciousness and mercy of the Lord.


Time is more than the hours in the day and offering our gifts to the church. It is putting God first in our lives and sharing our faith with others. Stewardship helps us evaluate how we use our time.

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We were made with a purpose. What is something to which you respond “I can do that!” Explore your uniqueness and use those talents to the glory of God in service and love.

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As individual members, we embrace God’s plan for us as stewards in all God has entrusted to our care. With a sure sense of our blessings in mind, we are encouraged to make gratitude the fundamental motive for our giving.

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In Action

Imagine when Mary and Jesus were guests at the wedding in Cana. The place was full of music and laughter. Like most weddings, along with the excitement, there was some concern because the wine was running low.

In this story, Mary shows us the way of true stewardship. She had a close, personal relationship with Jesus. She knew his heart and what mattered to him. She paid attention to the needs of the people around her, and through prayer, she asked Jesus to fulfill those needs.

But the “distinctive ingredient” was Mary’s willingness to be an instrument of the Lord’s providence and care. She helped others enter more fully and joyfully into the feast. She says to us, just as she said to the servers at the wedding, “Do whatever Jesus tells you.”

Thank you for your support

Financial Ways to Give

Text to Give

  • Giving is as simple as sending a text to 352-320-5377.
  • Indicate the amount of your gift and following the prompts.
  • Save this number to your contacts and text a gift any time.

Bill Pay

  • Use your own bank’s Bill Pay feature.
  • This service is usually no charge to you and there is no cost to the parish.
  • Set up Queen of Peace as the payee and use your envelope number (if known) as the account number.

Our Sunday Visitor

  • It’s a convenient way to give.
  • Create an account for your ongoing giving or make a one-time gift through the Quick Give option.
  • Click here to be taken to the online giving page.


  • Mail
    Queen of Peace Catholic Community
    10900 SW 24th Avenue
    Gainesville, FL 32607
  • Drop Off
    In the mail slot at the Fr. Jeff McGowan Center for Stewardship and Evangelization [parish office].