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2604, 2022

Familiarity with the Lord

HOMILY OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS ("Familiarity with the Lord") The disciples were fishermen: indeed, Jesus had called them when [...]

Celebrante Principal – Padre AL

Noviembrem 8 del 2020

Primera Lectura
Sab 6, 12-16

Salmo Responsorial
Del Salmo 62

Segunda Lectura
1 Tes 4, 13-18

Mt 25, 1-13

Lista de Canciones:
1. Pueblo Camina, J Espinosa, OCP
2. Quedate Senor, MJ Alonso, OCP
3. Gloria en las Alturas.
4. Salmo 62 Mi alma esta sedienta…. P Rubalcava OCP
5. Aleluya. OCP. F Reza
6. We Speak Your name, we remember
7. Cristo Me Ama
8. Santo/anunciamos/amen/ Cordero de dios, Miss de la Auora, OCP. J Sosa
9. Dios Me Ama, MPerez, OCP
10. No Hay Dios, Traditional

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